YANOEN Corporation in the History of Japanese Tea

805 Saicho, the monk who is the ancestor of Tendai Sect brought the seeds of tea tree from China
1191 The monk, Eisai brought the tea from China again. His friend, Myo-e opens the tea garden for the first time

Very few people, only upper class could enjoy the tea in this period.Due to the abolition of China-Mission, the tea culture is obsoleted.

SaichoStatue of Saicho

Sado, Tea Ceremony was established by Sen-no-Rikyu
1738 The process of method to make “Sencha”, standard green tea was established in Uji-Tawara town, Kyoto

Tea culture was incorporated and utilized by Samurai Society.Only limited Samurai was allowed to hold the tea party.

RikyuStatue of Rikyu

1836 YANOEN was established by the founder Genzaburo, YANO
The 3rd generation, Yoshizo Yano promoted tea sales around Japan and won many awards on exhibitions. The fundamental base of YANOEN is established.
1949 YANOEN Corporation was incorporated by the 4th Generation Sotaro, YANO



Yanoen’s Export Status (2021)

Today's MATCHA benefits

Many people are drinking MATCHA whole tea leaves as it is and taking all nutrition like abundant catechins and others.
Catechins have a wide range of health benefits, including disease prevention.
Also, theanine which is abundant matcha has a relaxing effect. Matcha itself has a relaxing effect, the tea ceremony, in which the tea is served, has an element of mindfulness.The tea ceremony began with the culture of “CHA-NO-YU”.
Cha-no-yu, which began around 1848, is a Japanese style tea ceremony, and the Zen Sprit of “Wabi and Sabi” in simple the room, not to mention viewing the tea-room, tea bowls, tea utensils, and tasting matcha, is considered effective for mindfulness today.

And matcha is enjoyed by people all over the world as JAPANESE SUPER FOOD.
Matcha is safe to drink for halal and vegans.

Efficacy of Matcha



Strengthen the Immune System

Prevent cold & influenza

Reduce the Body fat

Prevent the dementia

Prevent the bad breath

Vitamin C

Effect of beautiful skin




Enhance the concentration

Insoluble dietary fiber

Dissolve & prevent the constipation