We can recommend the best matcha or tea leaves for your use such as drinking, cooking, processing food, and various purposes.
You can choose various types of packages. We have everything from small containers to large containers for commercial.


Packaging Plan

Aluminum tin


Easy to store and appropriate for the personal use. The private brand label can be put on the body of tin, or on the cap of tin. It is possible to print on the bottom, too. The standard tin is silver aluminum.

Aluminum pouch without Zipper


We have a wide range of pouches from small bags to large commercial size. Small bags can be put in boxes or jars. There are 2 types of pouch for 30g, silver and transparent. The pouches for 100g, 200g, 400g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20kg are silver aluminum type.

Aluminum pouch without Zipper


The pouch with zipper is good to store longer after opening once. You can put the original label and we can print Expire date or Lot Number on it.

Display Best Before Date

Label in Japanese

It is a standard label of our company. It is shown the product name, ingredient, net weight, expire date, precautions, and manufacture.

Label to show Expire Date

Can be labeled with only expire date or lot number. It is a simple and small label.

Print by Inkjet Printer

Best Before Date can be printed by inkjet printer.

Both labels and printing are available in Japanese and English.

Case Size and weight for each package

Image Net Weight Package
Case Size (mm) Gross
Aluminum Tin 30g Aluminum Tin 50 310 310 155 4.2
Aluminum bag 1kg Aluminum bag 20 510 330 420 21.9
Aluminum bag 5kg Aluminum bag 40 510 330 420 21.7
Aluminum bag 20kg Aluminum bag 1 510 330 420 21.7

YANOEN’s Matcha Expertise

Case Size and weight for each package

4 types of Matcha Grinding Method according to the application

Stone Mill

80 machines

Cap: 34g/hour/machine
Max Temp. : 60 deg C
The finest grinding
Excellent evenness of particle
For high-grade Matcha

Airflow Crush

1 machines

Cap: 300kg per day
Used for sterilized Matcha
Max Temp : 140 deg C
(sterilization machine)

Iron Mill

5 machines

Cap: 3kg/hour/machine
Max Temp. : 40 deg C
Particle Size Average 25 micron
Particle Size can be controlled

Ball Mill Crush

1 machines

Cap: 200-250kg per day
Most Efficient and high capacity machine

Matcha Blended with


Matcha can be blended with sugar, chlorella, or collagen according to various purpose or use.
You can dictate the proportions you like or we can suggest.
We can provide for your needs.

Any grades of Matcha

Original Bland

Matcha Cappuccino

Hojicha Cappuccino

Uji Matcha

Sweet Green Tea

Matcha Paste

Available Documents
We can prepare several documents

  • Proforma Invoice / Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Organic Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Origin for EPA(For the required area)
  • Phytosanitary Certificate

Optional Service

  • Various Inspection – Pesticide Residue, Radiation, etc.(Extra Fees)
  • Transport Arrangement / By sea or air