Traceability Management

We issue barcodes displaying ingredient and tea product information, which are put on boxes when its arrival or manufacturing. And then our tea stored in the in-house refrigerators.
By doing so, we can know in a timely manner, the storage location and quantity of a specific tea product at any given time and it ensures a secure, and stable supply of production.
Our traceability system can confirm “by whom”, “when” and “how” teas was produced.

Hygiene Management

Following the manual, our hygiene management is thorough. Clear and reliable manuals about preparation entering the air showering and the factory.
Also, regarding the management of equipment and cleaning in the factory, striving to create an environment that deliver safe and secure product to customers.

Sensory Evaluation & Quality Inspection

We set up an inspection room to check coliform bacteria, general viable bacterial count, heat-resistant bacteria, mold, and fungi, to ensure the safety of the product. We also conduct quality control using machines that can examine the components of the tea, or measure the spectral color difference, as well as the grain size. In addition, the president, chairperson, and along with the tea masters discuss and carry out sensory inspection for the essential quality of important teas on a daily basis.